What's a Jeffer? You Ask!

Well hello there and welcome to the blog that is officially all things Beth Clark! You are probably wondering "what the heck is a jeffer?" and here is the explanation: while texting one of my most supportive and closest friends my friendly little spell checker of an iphone changed the word heffer to jeffer. So I actually do not know what a real world jeffer is (savage beast, radiant sunset? who knows) but for all intensive purposes on my blog it means heffer :) As you may have deduced I am currently in the process of reclaiming my life and losing a little weight. People always comment that they enjoy my Facebook comments and Twitter so I figured I'd give a glimpse into my whacky crazy cool train of thought. I don't know how inspirational I actually am but I hope you find this relatable and frequently funny! Happy reading!!!

29 Fun Facts about my 29 year old self:

1. I am a self proclaimed peanut butteraholic
2. I am a Broadway Musical enthusiast
3. I am a huge reader...you write it, I'll read it (especially if it involves vamps, magic, witches, etc.)
4. I am a Harry Potter fanatic/weirdo/geek/lover
5. I love the Twilight series (are you suprised?)
6. I love the Hunger Games
7. I have 2 sisters, one older, one younger
8. I am truly blessed to have the friends I have
9. I am inspired by the Biggest Loser and never miss a Tuesday
10. Anything musical and I am in
11. I am a swimmer at heart, but enjoy running 
12. I  have a new obsession: Indoor Spinning and Road Biking
13. I am very close with my family
14. My favorite color is purple
15. The most amazing thing I have ever witnessed was the birth of my God daughter
16. I love to dance and jam out to music
17. I play my ipod when I am in the shower 
18. Favorite Musical of allllllll time: Wicked
19. I love to spend quality time with my dad which usually means seeing a show or hanging around in NYC (he is the best, coolest, greatest man on the planet and if one day I  snag a boy thats half the man my dad is...I will be lucky)My mom drives me bonkers sometimes but she is the sweetest, most sincere, uber creative, caring woman in the whole universe. (We bump heads because we are very similar...lmao, and my sisters bump heads with my dad because they are very similar...funny how things like that work out!)
20. I love golf carts... although when I am around them disaster is close by
21. My favorite number is 10
22. I played lacrosse through HS and College, and my college teammates are an extension of my family...I would do anything for them...even now years later and miles apart
23. I coached my College swim team for 4 years...loved every G.D. second of it but am happy to have some free to be me time now!
24. I love those kids that don't seem to ever fit in anywhere...the ones with spunky personalities that tell it like it is and at the end of the day just want someone to love them
25. I love my dog...97.9% of the time...when she isn't peeing on something or being a deviant escape artist
26. I am a Gleek and love all things True Blood
27. I am a triathlete...still learning the ropes but loving every minute of it
28. I am loud, crazy, and all over the place...this is me, take me or leave me
29. I just moved to Boston!