Wednesday, January 1, 2014

People Are Always Beautiful When You Love Them

Happy happy brand New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled time ringing in 2014…me, I ran the NYRR Midnight Run with one of my greatest friends AH.  This was actually the same race that I ran the January I celebrated one year and a ton of success at Weight Watchers.  It was fun then (minus the whole tearing of the hamstring thing) and last night was just as equally…if not even more fun (yay no pulled hammy)…minus frozen toes for 2 miles :)

So 2013.  It was an AWESOME year for me but quite the opposite for my blog…alas I have been M.I.A. on the blogosphere.  My apologies!

2013 was splendid.
  1. I raced my first Half Ironman...absolutely loved it. 
  2. I moved to Boston …AND love it! 
  3. I found out I am becoming an aunt. 
  4. I continued to maintain my WW lifetime status
  5. I have made totes tremendous friends

This year I have done a whole lot of reflecting, and instead of blogging it to the world, I took the time to actually contemplate and take action.  The result is me being truly and utterly happy with where I am on this journey of mine.

I was a weird kid, didn’t fit in, played with a lot of trolls and had very few friends… like exactly two friends from pre-k to 8th grade.  Don’t feel bad because I am not saying this for pity…at all!  Because when I did make friends, at camp, in HS, in college…it was life changing and it made me realize that I was worthy of having amazingly brilliant friendships. 

My friendships were what made me feel real. 

It’s like in the “Velveteen Rabbit” – it doesn’t happen all at once (or at the same time for everybody)…but you become real over time.

What amazes me is that to this day I am still building wonderful friendships that are so strong and dazzling.   Each friendship is unique and special…each friend is an irreplaceable puzzle piece that fits together to make me me.  Some “puzzle pieces” have become part of the background, they seemed central at certain moments but they still hold a place in the grand scheme of things.  The main pieces though, the ones that contain the small details, are not made of flimsy cardboard where the edges get tattered and worn…no no, they are strong enough to support the heaviest of heaviest dark moments.  They are the border pieces and the corner pieces that are there to create the very first idea of an image.    They are the ones that fit in tricky places to complete a certain section.  They fit together beautifully to start making the big picture.

I am only now starting to step back and realize how awesomely stunning this journey is…and that all along I have never been alone.  It’s beautiful, it’s awesome, and I am so very lucky.

What I also didn’t realize is that there are puzzle pieces still missing and waiting to be found.  It’s maddening to not find the puzzle piece you are looking for…but all in due time!  My move to Boston taught me that the last of my new friendships is absolutely nowhere in sight.  I have had the tremendous fate of continuing to make new friends who fit into my puzzle in a way that no one else could.

So instead of getting frustrated that the puzzle isn’t coming fast enough, I have decided to step back and marvel at the progress the puzzle has made…or that I have made with the puzzle.

I am only starting to learn and understand the way this journey moves…just when I think it’s going to zig it zags.  I do know that I am excited for what’s next, zig or zag, whichever it may be.  This year is going to be a year of change and growth, friendship and love, strength and challenges. 

So bring it on 2014 because I am eager to see what puzzle pieces are added and what zigs and zags you have in store!

***If you are part of my puzzle then I thank you for being the special little piece that you are.  As old pieces and new pieces find their rightful places I become a little more real.  You are all an integral part of who I am and how this journey progresses. Thank you so much. I love you ALL!

Happy New Year!

B ecstatic, B wholesome, B real

Just –B

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