Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Challenge!

Hi! So there is this thing that we do to ourselves constantly...we tell ourselves that we are not worth the time and are insignificant when it comes to relating to others. So maybe you don't do that, but I know I do it too often and have been trying to work on this throughout my WW journey. So many people from the outside world and fellow bloggers have agreed that the above mentioned challenge is one that tends to be intimidating in new social situations. This challenge makes my heart rate increase slightly because I am thinking of all the activities and fun I have missed out on because I thought I didn’t belong or didn’t fit in. Case in point: last night I went to my first ever spin class (which I was terrified to do because A. I had never done it (obviously) B. gym class fanatics don’t look kindly upon newbies). An altercation in the sign up line almost (like my foot over the threshold) had me in my car but I faced the fear and hopped on a bike ( or stood next to it) . I felt like an idiot because everyone (including the meany from the sign up line) hopped on their bikes and were ready to go, and here I was standing meekly by the bike red faced and again ready to head for the door. Then I was like scaaarew this I deserve to be here just as much as meany mcgrouchy bike over there does and proclaimed myself to bikers near by as a newbie. They were more than helpful with the set up and a quick “lingo” run through before class started. Spinning was uber fantastico and today when I was in yoga when one of the helpful spinning class oldies proclaimed herself to be a newbie in yoga which I happen to be an oldie in so yay new gym friends!
Moral of the story is that we all have felt like outsiders. What’s worse is that we are the ones making ourselves feel insignificant 93.6% of time (the other 4.3% are the meany mcgrouchy bikes that don’t deserve your rays of awesomeness shining upon them!)
So I accept the challenge to try new things, not belittle my own awesomeness, and expect that others are feeling EXACTLY the same way and probably would be receptive to talking and maybe becoming actual friends! Awkward situations with friends are always super fun to look back and laugh about anyways!!
Are you down for the challenge too?
Keep it real, stay true to yourself, and be happy!!